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I’m going to write a list of ten reasons that I LOVE being a fashion photographer, and I hope it can bring a smile on your face.

  1. Seeing the face of the people I shoot for light up when they see their images.
  2. Getting inspired by the work of my colleagues, and all of you guys, who literally blow me away and make me want to shoot every single day.
  3. Being able to answer, “I’m a fashion photographer” when people ask me what I do, and have them pretty much always go: “that’s a cool job!”
  4. Retouching skills… I mean its pretty cool that I know how to remove spots off faces if I need to, haha.
  5. Sharing work online with friends, family and everyone else who I’ve never met and getting responses that my work makes people feel inspired. Seriously I love this part.
  6. Feeling a sense of accomplishment whenever a shoot is done. (When shoot goes as per the plan ;))
  7. Seeing photos I’ve taken in magazines.
  8. Seeing photos I’ve taken on brands’ websites / newsletters. I did that!!!
  9. Feeling myself progress and learn something new.
  10. The flexibility this career gives me in my every day life.

I could go on and on. But let me stop it here, (lol) So I’m here as a fashion photographer in Chennai.

Lets catch up sometime soon, Lets shoot.

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