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“Why is it very important to pre-plan your Photoshoot?”

So, Whenever I am doing a photoshoot these are the major things I’ll be following:

                                     “THE NOTE DOWN REFERENCES

On what concept I am going to shoot and Ideas I got Inspired from.

Then, making a detailed note on it.

The things to be noted isthe aim of the shoot, Which is the working module, on what shots you are going to achieve in your photoshoot and how to achieve it. According to that you need to keep references which will be easy to convey it to your Makeup artist, Model and also your client, Which makes it easy for them to deliver the required output.

Likewise, when you note down the aim of the shoot you will get an clear idea what you’re going to achieve at a point or else when you are working out without any aim you can’t achieve the required output.

There will be no point of satisfaction and you will keep on working out in your next-next shots without any limit. So, it is always good to have an aim for your photoshoot.

You can write it down in your notes option on your smartphone. Likewise, you need to update each and everything before going into a photoshoot.

The Next thing is,


What equipment you are going to use in your shoot, that is , what kind of lenses, camera you require or whether you require a tripod or reflector for that particular shoot. You need to decide and note it down before going into the shoot.

While moving on to next thing you need to note down,


Where you’re going to meet your crew members.Then, having a note on


Whom you are going to meet, whether it is models or the client’s details about them, how many models are going to be present and so on.

After this important thing to be noted down is what kind of wardrobe and makeup your models are going to use.

That is what kind of costumes they are going to use for that particular photoshoot and need to discuss it with your stylist or wardrobe sponsors and make a finalist note on what is going to be used.

Lastly you need to note down is,


That is after completing all these works, how you are going to post-process your file and how many files you are going to deliver.

Onlywhen this is planned earlier you will have an idea on how many photos need to be taken and how many in the culling process you are going to edit.

Only then you will have a clear idea on the number of photos you need to take in the photoshoot. So, you can deliver the required number of photos.

Are you thinking whether you need to do so many things before going into a photoshoot?

Yes,It is definitely required. There are lots of benefits for us in pre-planning as a photographer.Only while doing a pre-planning you will have an idea on how much budget, food, travel and also the time process it will require for the photoshoot.

So, Accordingly you can also send the quotation to your client.

This is how I will plan my photoshoot. I will note down each and everything in myto do list, what are the things I require and do not require for my shoot.

When we plan in such a manner there will be an easy flow of work without any confusion and you will feel professional while carrying on your photoshoot. So, From today make use of these things and follow it in your photoshoot.

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