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When is the Right Time to Upgrade Your Camera?

Many Aspiring photographer get’s a good camera after analysing many things. Down the line they need to know when to upgrade their camera. That is what we are going to learn in this Blog.

Now, I’m going to tell you some scenarios. If you have undergone such scenarios then, It is the right time to Upgrade your camera.


1st Scenario

Generally while starting your photography career many choose crop censored camera considering their lack of experience.

But, if you have got experience for few years in this field of photography and deciding that you are going to be a professional photographer then it is the time for you to shift to full framed camera by having a clear understanding that why you are going to shift from crop framed camera to a full framed camera.

Next Scenario,

Shooting in Low Light.

Generally for wedding photographers they don’t get same light conditions always. Where as in the camera which you are using presently you get issues like getting to much noise or while increasing the ISO Grains are formed. In these cases the client won’t be Satisfied. So, Understand such situations you need to Upgrade your camera.

In Scenarios like,

When your pictures are not up to the required quality and gets pixelated when printed in a Magazines or Billboards. Then this is the time for you to upgrade your Camera. I was in a same scenario while using 5D Mark III for many billboards & Magazines. I didn’t find my pictures to be sharp enough. So, I decided it was the right time to upgrade my camera to 5D SR. If you find yourself in any such scenarios, then it is the right time for your Upgradation.

When you face such kind of scenarios and have a clear thought for what reason you are going to upgrade your camera. Ask yourself first and know the purpose of it.

Hope, This blog was helpful to you. So, next time when you get a thought of upgrading your camera, Ask yourself such questions and analyse the situation yourself. Then move on to upgradation.

Happy Learning 🙂

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