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Why Photography is important?

Photography is very important in our life. As time is always running forward the only thing in this world which can arrest time and convert it into memories is though photographs.

This moment when you are reading this blog you cannot capture the lost seconds.

                                                “We can collect it or hold for long to feel the moment”

In Photography when we capture a moment we generally see it as just that moment. That photos which we capture will turn into a good memory when years have passed by. While seeing that picture we will be recollecting that moment how it has been, on what dress you wore, place, the spaces you have been in etc, and other such beautiful moments that happened while taking that photo.

“In a single photo there will be lot of stories to tell “

The lost people and their memories will be remembered while seeing their pictures. That is the value photography gives us.

Simplistic was to describe photography is

                                                                “Documenting the moment “

Every moment which we are documentingwe are also sharing and conveying that moment with others.

The purpose of photography is documenting moments of our lives and communicating through the images.

A moment says many things right from the overall environment,location, and its experiences that is expressed by the people in it.

There are different genres of photographers capturing various moments over the time like Commercial Photography, Fashion Photography, and Wedding Photography… A wedding photographer takes a shot of couples, which is going to be spoken by their generations to come by and convey their moments in future.

Whatever photography genres be it, at the end it’s is all about documenting the moment.

Another thing to look into photography is that you will be able to commute your emotions.

When we come across a photo at that second we will be able to pass our emotions and feelings.

The inner emotions what we felt on that moment the photo was taken whenever we come across that picture. A photo will kindle our emotions in all possible ways both positively and negatively.

A beautiful thing about photography is it will inspire you to do lot of new things. It make you travel , connect with new people and enjoy every little moments. By creating awareness for ourselves and gaining knowledge.

As we spare a second for a particular moment which is important to be captured it gains our knowledge and helps us to explore more into it.

It acts as a connecting medium through feeling with various people knowingly or unknowingly for taking that photo. As we come across many people in our life it helps us to maintain relationship over time with them and connect through photography.

When output of the photographs have come very good the feeling it give is really amazing. It carries forward that wonderful achievement feeling over time. It increases the overall mindset of a person.

There is no limit in photography irrespective of our age,gender, experience. Anyone can start photography and explore anything they wish to do.

It is not that you need a high end configured camera to start photography. With just a smart phone we can full-fill our thirst for photography.

If you think yourself that you need to create memories with ourselves and others by capturing a moment then no one can stop you. You just need to take your shot and live the moment anywhere anytime. If your urge is really strong you will become a photographer by the end of your day.

In 19th century when the first camera was invented the photographs were only for higher class people.

This scenario has now been totally changed. In this 21st century everyone can capture their moments through photography starting from their smart phones.

We can see the overall transformation of camera and photographers over the years how people are accepting photography in their life and adapting to the new changes that are coming up. Photography is very important in our life to capture moments,memories, and express ourselves through photos.

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